List of Publications


Experimental observation of Earth's rotation with quantum entanglement
R. Silvestri, H.Yu, T. Strömberg, C. Hilweg, R. W. Peterson, P. Walther,
Science Advances 10, eadov0215 (2024).

Distribution of telecom entangled photons through a 7.7 km antiresonant hollow-core fiber
M. Antesberger, C. M. D. Richter, F. Poletti, R. Slavic, P. Petropoulos, H. Hübel, A. Trenti, P. Walther, L. A. Rozema,
Optica Quantum 2, 173 (2024).

Experimental Aspects of Indefinite Causal Order in Quantum Mechanics
L. A. Rozema, T. Strömberg, H. Cao, Y. Guo, B.-H. Liu, P. Walther

Programmable multiphoton quantum interference in a single spatial mode
L. Carosini, V. Oddi, F. Giorgino, L. M. Hansen, S. Piacentini, T. Guggemos, I. Agresti, J. C. Loredo, P. Walther,
Science Advances 10, eadj0993 (2024).

Experimental superposition of a quantum evolution with its time reverse
T. Strömberg, P. Schiansky, M. T. Quintino, M. Antesberger, L. A. Rozema, I. Agresti, C. Brukner, P. Walther,
Physical Review Research 6, 023071 (2024).

Photonic Source of Heralded Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger States
H. Cao, L. M. Hansen, F. Giorgino, L. Carosini, P. Zahalka, F. Zilk, J. C. Loredo, P. Walther,
Physical Review Letter 132, 130604 (2024).

Purifying photon indistinguishability through quantum interference
C. F. D. Faubry, L. Carosini, H. Cao, P. I. Sund, L. M. Hansen, F. Giorgino, A.B. Villadsen, S. N. van den Hoven, P. Lodahl, S. Paesani, L. C. Loredo, P. Walther,

Prescriptive method for fiber polarization compensation in two bases
T. Strömberg, P. Schiansky, P. Walther,
Applied Optics 63, 1822 (2024).

Higher-Order Process Matrix Tomography of a Passively-Stable Quantum Switch
M. Antesberger, M. T. Quintino, P. Walther, L. A . Rozema,
PRX Quantum 5, 010325 (2024).

Controlling the Photon Number Coherence of Solid-state Quantum Light Sources for Quantum Cryptography
Y. Karli, D. A. Vajner, F. Kappe, P. C. Hagen, L. M. Hansen, R. Schwarz, T. K. Bracht, C. Schimpf, S. F. Covre da Silva, P. Walther, A. Rastelli, V. M. Axt, J. C. Loredo, V. Remesh, T. Heindel, D. E. Reiter, G. Weihs,
npj Quantum Information 10, 17 (2024).



Quasi-phase-matched up-and down-conversion in periodically poled layered semiconductors
C. Trovatello, C. Ferrante, B. Yang, J. Bajo, B. Braun, X. Xu, Z. H. Peng, P. K. Jenke, A. Ye, J. Park, P. Walther, L. A. Rozema, C. Dean, A. Marini, G. Cerullo, P. J. Schuck,
arXiv:2312.05444 [physics.optics]

Photon counting for axion interferometry
H. Yu, O. Kwon, H. Grote, D. Martynov,

Generating a 4-photon Tetrahedron State:Towards Simultaneous Super-sensitivity to Non-communting Rotations
H. Ferretti, Y. B. Yilmaz, K. Bonsma-Fisher, A. Z. Goldberg, N. Lupu-Gladstein, A. o. T. Pang, L. A. Rozema, A. M. Steinberg,
arXiV:2310.17150 [quant-ph].

Robust excitation of C-band quantum dots for quantum communication
M. Vyvlecka, L. Jehle, C. Nawrath, F. Giorgino, M. Bozzio, R. Sittig, M. Jetter, S. L. Portalupi, P. Michler, P. Walther,
Applied Physics Letters 123, 174011 (2023).

Experimental Observation of Earth's Rotation with Quantum Entanglement
R. Silvestri, H. Yu, T. Strömberg, C. Hilweg, R. W. Peterson, P. Walther,

Genuine multipartite entanglement without fully controllale measurements
H. Cao, S. Morelli, L. A. Rozema, C. Zhang, A. Tavakoli, P. Walther,

Single-active-element demultiplexed multi-photon source
L. M. Hansen, L. Carosini, L. Jehle, F. Giorgino, R. Houvenaghel, M. Vyvlecka, J. C. Loredo, P. Walther,
Optica Quantum 1, 1 (2023).

Towards an All-Silicon QKD Transmitter Source by a Ge-on-Si Light Emitter
F. Honz, N. Vokic, M. Hentschel, P. Walther, H. Hübel, B. Schenk,
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (2023).

Demonstration of a Quantum Switch in a Sagnac Configuration
T. Strömberg, P. Schiansky, R. W. Peterson, M. T. Quintino, P. Walther,
Physical Review Letters 131, 060803 (2023).

Demonstration of quantum-digital payments
P. Schiansky, J. Kalb, E. Sztatecsny, M.-C. Roehsner, T. Guggemos, A. Trenti, M. Bozzio, P. Walther
Nature Communications 14, 3849 (2023).

Polarization transport in optical fibers beyond Rytov's law
T. B. Mieling, M. A. Oancea
Physical Review Research 5, 023140 (2023).

Benchmarking the human brain against computational architecture
C. van Valkenhoef,  C. Schuman, P. Walther,
arXiv:2305.14363 [q-bio.NC].

Semi-device-independent certification of indefinite causal order in a photonic quantum switch
H. Cao, J. Bavaresco, N.-N. Wang, L. A. Rozema, C. Zhang, Y.-F. Huang, B.-H. Liu, C.-F. Li, G.-C. Guo, P. Walther,
Optica 10, 5 (2023).

Machine-learning-based device-independent certification of quantum networks
N. D'Alessandro, B. Polacchi, G. Moreno, E. Polino, R. Chaves, I. Agresti, F. Sciarrino,
Physical Review Research 5, 023016 (2023).

Experimental cheat-sensitive quantum weak coin flipping
S. Neves, V. Yacoub, U. Chabaud, M. Bozzio, I. Kerenidis, E. Diamanti,
Nature Communications 14, 1855 (2023).

Nonlinear quantum logic with colliding graphene plasmons
G. Calajo, P. K. Jenke, L. A. Rozema, P. Walther, D. E. Chang, J. D. Cox,
Physical Review Research 5, 031188 (2023).

First Demonstration of 25λ x 10 Gb/s C+L Band Classical/DV-QKD Co-Existence Over Single Bidirectional Fiber Link
F. Honz, F. Prawits, O. Alia, H. Sakr, T. Bradley, C. Zahng, R. Slavik, F. Poletti, G. Kanellos, R. Nejabati, P. Walther, D. Simeonidou, H. Hübel, B. Schrenk,
Journal of Lightwave Technology (2023).

Experimental higher-order interference in a nonlinear triple slit
P. Namdar, P. K. Jenke, I. Alonso Calafell, A. Trenti, M. Radonjic, B. Dakic, P. Walther, L. A. Rozema,
Physical Review A 107, 032211 (2023).

Polarization-Encoded BB84 QKD Transmitter Sourced by a SiGe Light Emitter
F. Honz, N. Vokić, P. Walther, H. Hübel, B. Schrenk,
2023 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC) (2023).

Alignment-Tolerant Fi-Wi-Fi Free-Space Optical Bridge
F. Honz, A. V. Martí, P. Walther, H. Hübel, B. Schrenk;
2023 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC) (2023).

Demonstration of universal time-reversal for qubit processes
P. Schiansky, T. Strömberg, B. Trillo, V. Saggio, B. Dive, M. Navascués, P. Walther,
Optica 10, 200 (2023).



Gupta-Bleuler Quantisation of Optical Fibres in Weak Gravitational Fields
T. Mieling,
Physical Review A 106, 063511 (2022).

From Intra-Datacenter Interconnects to Metro Networks: Does CV-QKD Need Loss- or Bandwith-Conscious Receivers?
F. Honz, F. Laudenbach, H. Hübel, P. Walther, B. Schrenk,
2022 European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), 1 (2022).

A compiler for universal photonic quantum computers
F. Zilk, K. Staudacher, T. Guggemos, K. Fürlinger, D. Kranzlmüller, P. Walther,
2022 IEEE/ACM Third International Workshop on Quantum Computing Software (QCS), 57 (2022).

Limits and prospects for long-baseline optical fiber interferometry
C. Hilweg, D. Shadmany, P. Walther, N. Mavalvala, V. Sudhir,
Optica 9, 1238-1252 (2022).

Measuring space-time curvature using maximally path-entangled quantum states
T. Mieling, C. Hilweg, P. Walther,
Physical Review A 106, L031701 (2022).

Experimental Semi-quantum Key Distribution with Classical Users
F. Massa, P. Yadav, A. Moqanaki, W. O. Kravec, P. Mateusm N. Paunkovic, A. Souto, P. Walther
Quantum 6, 819 (2022).


Demonstration of 17λ × 10 Gb/s C-Band Classical / DV-QKD Co-Existence Over Hollow-Core Fiber Link
F. Honz, F. Prawits, O. Alia, H. Sakr, T. Bradley, C. Zhnag, R. Slavic, F. Poletti, G. Kanellos, R. Nejabati, P. Walther, D. Simeonidou, H. Hübel, B. Schrenk,
European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) (2022).

Enhanced Photonic Maxwell's Demon with Correlated Baths
G. L. Zanin, M. Antesberger, M. J. Jaquet, P. H. Souto Ribeiro, L. A. Rozema, P. Walther
Quantum 6, 810 (2022).

Enhancing quantum cryptography with quantum dot single-photon sources
M. Bozzio, M. Vyvlecka, M. Cosacchi, C. Nawrath, T. Seidelmann, J. C. Loredo, S. L. Portalupi, V. M. Axt, P. Michler, P. Walther
npj Quantum Information 8, 104 (2022).

On-Chip Quantum Communication Devices
A. Trenti, M.Achleitner, F. Prawits, B. Schrenk, H. Conradi, M. Kleinert, A. Incoronato, F. Zanetto, F. Zappa, I. Di Luch, O. Cirkinoglu, X. Leijtens, A. Bonradi, C. Bruynsteen, X. Yin, C. Kießler, H. Herrmann, C. Silberhorn, M. Bozzio, P. Walther, H.C. Thiel. G. Weihs, H. Hübel
Journal of Lightwave Technology 40, 23, p.7485-7497 (2022).

Quantum processes without a casual order
L. A. Rozema, M. Antesberger, P. Walther
Proceedings Volume 12243, Photonics for Quantum 2022, 1224301 (2022).

Nonlinearity of photonic quantum memristor in high-frequency regime
I. Agresti, P. Walther
Proceedings Vol. 12243, Photonics for Quantum 2022, 1224305 (2022).

High-harmonic generation enhancement with graphene heterostructures
I. A. Alonso, L. A. Rozema, A. Trenti, J. Bohn, E. J. C. Dias, P. K. Jenke, K. S. Menghrajani, D. Alcaraz Iranzo, F. J. Garcia de Abajo, F. H. L. Koppens, E. Hendry, P. Walther,
Advanced Optical Materials (preprint) (2022).

Few-copy entanglement detection in the presence of noise
V. Saggio, P. Walther,
Annalen der Physik 534, 7 (2022).

Photon-number entanglement generated by sequential excitation of a two-level atom
S. C. Wein, J. C. Loredo, M. Maffei, P. Hilaire, A. Harouri, N. Somaschi, A. Lemaitre, I. Sagnes, L. Lanco, O. Krebs, A. Auffeves, C. Simon, P. Senellart, C. Anton-Solanas,
Nature Photonics 16, 374-379 (2022).

Experimental photonic quantum memristor
M. Spagnolo, J. Morris, S. Piacentini, M. Antesberger, F. Massa, A. Crespi, F. Ceccarelli, R. Osellame, P. Walther,
Nature Photonics 16, 318–323 (2022).

Inferring work by quantum superposing forward and time-reversal evolutions
G. Rubino, G. Manzano, L. A. Rozema, P. Walther, J. M. R. Parrondo, C. Brukner,
Physical Review Research 4, 013208 (2022).

Experimental entanglement of temporal order

G. Rubino, L. A. Rozema, F. Massa, M. Araujo, M. Zych, C. Brukner, P. Walther,
Quantum 6, 621 (2022).



Quantum speed-ups in reinforcement learning
V. Saggio, B. E. Asenbeck, A. Hamann, T. Strömberg, P. Schiansky, V. Dunjko, N. Friis, N. C. Harris, M. Hochberg, D. Englund, S. Wölk, H. J. Briegel, P. Walther,
SPIE Nanoscience + Engineering Proceedings, 11806 (2021).

Cross-Verification of Independent Quantum Devices
C. Greganti, T. F. Demarie, M. Ringbauer, J. A. Jones, V. Saggio, I. Alonso Calafell, L. A. Rozema, A. Erhard, M. Meth, L. Postler, R. Stricker, P. Schindler, R. Blatt, T. Monz, P. Walther and J. F. Fitzsimons,
Physical Review X 11, 031049 (2021).

Multiphoton and Side-Channel Attacks in Mistrustful Quantum Cryptography
M. Bozzio, A. Cavaillès, E. Diamanti, A. Kent, D. Pitalúa-García,
Physical Review X Quantum 2, 030338 (2021).

Editorial: Quantum Information and Quantum Computing for Chemical Systems
S. Kais, T. Humble, K. Kowalski, I. Tavernelli, P. Walther, J. Du,
Frontiers in Physics 9, 753618 (2021).

Probabilistic one-time programs using quantum entanglement
M.-C. Röhsner, J. A. Kettlewell, J. Fitzsimons, P. Walther,
npj Quantum Information 7, 98 (2021).

Quantum cryptography with highly entangled photons from semiconductor quantum dots
C. Schimpf, M. Reindl, D. Huber, B. Lehner, S.F. Covre Da Silva, S. Manna, M. Vyvlecka, P. Walther, A. Rastelli,
Science Advances 7, 16 (2021).

Experimental quantum speed-up in reinforcement learning agents
V. Saggio, B.E. Asenbeck, A. Hamann, T. Strömberg, P. Schiansky, V. Dunjko, N. Friis, N.C. Harris, M. Hochberg, D. Englund, S. Wölk, H. J. Briegel, P. Walther,
Nature 591, 229–233 (2021).

Experimental quantum homomorphic encryption
J. Zeuner, I. Pitsios, S.-H. Tan, A. Sharma, J. Fizsimons, R. Osellame, P. Walther,
npj Quantum Information 7, 25 (2021).

Experimental quantum communication enhancement by superposing trajectories
G. Rubino, L. A. Rozema, D. Ebler, H. Kristjánsson, S. Salek, P. Allard Guérin, A. A. Abbott, C. Branciard, C. Brukner, G. Chiribella, P. Walther,
Physical Review Research 3, 013093 (2021).

Fiber-compatible photonic feed-forward with 99% fidelity
G.L. Zanin, M. Jacquet, M. Spagnolo, P. Schiansky, I. Alonso Calafell, L.A. Rozema, P. Walther,
Optics Express 29, 3425-3437 (2021).

Giant enhancement of third-harmonic generation in graphene–metal heterostructures
I. Alonso Calafell, L.A. Rozema, D. Alcaraz Iranzo, A. Trenti, P.K. Jenke, J.D. Cox, A. Kumar, H. Bieliaiev, S. Nanot, C. Peng, D.K. Efetov, J.Y. Hong, J. Kong, D.R. Englund, F. J. García de Abajo, F. H. L. Koppens, P. Walther,
Nature Nanotechnology 16, 318–324 (2021).



Scalable spin-photon entanglement by time-to-polarization conversion
R. Vasconcelos, S. Reisenbauer, C. Salter, G. Wachter, D. Wirtitsch, J. Schmiedmayer, P. Walther, M. Trupke,
npj Quantum Information 6, 9 (2020).



Novel single-mode narrow-band photon source of high brightness tuned to cesium D2 line
A. Moqanaki, F. Massa, P. Walther,
APL Photonics 4, 090804 (2019).

Experimental Two‐Way Communication with One Photon
F. Massa, A. Moqanaki, Ä. Baumeler, F. Del Santo, J. A. Kettlewell, B. Dakić, P. Walther,
Advanced Quantum Technologies 2, 1900050 (2019).

Trace-free counterfactual communication with a nanophotonic processor
I. Alonso Calafell, T. Strömberg, D. R. M. Arvidsson-Shukur, L. A. Rozema, V. Saggio, C. Greganti, N. C. Harris, M. Prabhu, J. Carolan, M. Hochberg, T. Baehr-Jones, D. Englund, C. H. W. Barnes, P. Walther,
npj Quantum Information 5, 61 (2019).

Experimental few-copy multipartite entanglement detection
V. Saggio, A. Dimić, C. Greganti, L. A. Rozema, P. Walther, B. Dakić,
Nature Physics 15, 935–940 (2019).

Communication through quantum-controlled noise
P.A. Guérin, G. Rubino, C. Brukner,
Physical Review A 99, 062317 (2019).

Quantum computing with graphene plasmons
I. Alonso Calafell, J. D. Cox, M. Radonjić, J. R. M. Saavedra, F. J. García de Abajo, L. A. Rozema, P. Walther,
npj Quantum Information 5, 37 (2019).

Silicon microcavity arrays with open access and a finesse of half a million
G. Wachter, S. Kuhn, S. Minniberger, C. Salter, P. Asenbaum, J. Millen, M. Schneider, J. Schalko, U. Schmid, A. Felgner, D. Hüser, M. Arndt, M. Trupke,
Light: Science & Applications 8, 37 (2019).

Photoelectrical imaging and coherent spin-state readout of single nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
P. Siyushev, M. Nesladek, E. Bourgeois, M. Gulka, J. Hruby, T. Yamamoto, M. Trupke, T. Teraji, J. Isoya, F. Jelezko,
Science 363, 728-731 (2019).



Quantum advantage for probabilistic one-time programs
M.-C. Roehsner, J. A. Kettlewell, T. B. Batalhão, J. F. Fitzsimons, P. Walther,
Nature Communications 9, 5225 (2018).

Weakly gravitating isotropic waveguides
R. Beig, P. T. Chruściel, C. Hilweg, P. Kornreich, P. Walther,
Classical and Quantum Gravity 35, 24 (2018).

Photonic quantum technology for quantum computing, data protection and fundamental quantum science
M.-C. Roehsner, P. Walther,
Open Access Government Edition 19, 184-185 (2018).

Continuous‐Variable Quantum Key Distribution with Gaussian Modulation—The Theory of Practical Implementations
F. Laudenbach, C. Pacher, C.-H. F. Fung, A. Poppe, M. Peev, B. Schrenk, M. Hentschel, P. Walther, H. Hübel,
Advanced Quantum Technologies, 1800011 (2018).

New methods for exploiting quantum information in photons
L. Rozema, P. Walther,
SciTech Europa Quarterly 27 (2018).

Integrated-optics heralded controlled-NOT gate for polarization-encoded qubits
J. Zeuner, A.N. Sharma, M. Tillmann, R. Heilmann, M. Gräfe, A. Moqanaki, A. Szameit, P. Walther,
npj Quantum Information 4, 13 (2018).

Tuning single-photon sources for telecom multi-photon experiments
C. Greganti, P. Schiansky, I. Alonso Calafell, L.M. Procopio, L.A. Rozema, P. Walther,
Optics Express 26, 3286-3302 (2018).

Tapering of femtosecond laser-written waveguides
R. Heilmann, C. Greganti, M. Gräfe, S. Nolte, P. Walther, A. Szameit,
Applied Optics 57, 377-381 (2018).

Solid-state electron spin lifetime limited by phononic vacuum modes
T. Astner, J. Gugler, A. Angerer, S. Wald, S. Putz, N. J. Mauser, M. Trupke, H. Sumiya, S. Onoda, J. Isoya, J. Schmiedmayer, P. Mohn, J. Majer,
Nature Materials 17, 313-317 (2018).

Proposal for a Quantum Test of the Weak Equivalence Principle with Entangled Atomic Species
R. Geiger, M. Trupke,
Physical Review Letters 120, 043602 (2018).



Nanoparticle detection in an open-access silicon microcavity
S. Kuhn, G. Wachter, F.-F. Wieser, J. Millen, M. Schneider, J. Schalko, U. Schmid, M. Trupke, M. Arndt,
Applied Physics Letters 111, 253107 (2017).

High-fidelity spin measurement on the nitrogen-vacancy center
M. Hanks, M. Trupke, J. Schmiedmayer, W. J. Munro, K. Nemoto,
New Journal of Physics 19 (2017).

A universal quantum module for quantum communication, computation, and metrology
M. Hanks, N. L. Piparo, M. Trupke, J. Schmiedmayer, W. J. Munro, K. Nemoto,
Proc. SPIE 10358, Quantum Photonic Devices, 103580K (2017).

Comment on “Peres experiment using photons: No test for hypercomplex (quaternionic) quantum theories”
L.M. Procopio, L.A. Rozema, B. Dakic, P. Walther,
Physical Review A 96, 036101 (2017).

Macroscopic Superpositions as Quantum Ground States
B. Dakic, M. Radonjic,
Physical Review Letters 119, 090401 (2017).

Numerical Investigation of Photon-Pair Generation in Periodically Poled MTiOXO4 (M=K, Rb, Cs; X=P, As)
F. Laudenbach, R.-B. Jin, C. Greganti, M. Hentschel, P. Walther, H. Hübel,
Physical Review Applied 8, 024035 (2017).

A novel single-crystal & single-pass source for polarisation- and colour-entangled photon pairs
F. Laudenbach, S. Kalista, M. Hentschel, P. Walther, H. Hübel,
Scientific Reports 7, 7235 (2017).

Single-photon test of hyper-complex quantum theories using a metamaterial
L.M. Procopio, L.A. Rozema, Z. Jing Wong, D.R. Hamel, K. O'Brien, X. Zhang, B. Dakic, P. Walther,
Nature Communications 8, 15044 (2017).

Experimental Verification of an indefinite Causal Order
G. Rubino, L.A. Rozema, A. Feix, M. Araújo, J.M. Zeuner, L.M. Procopio, C. Brukner, P. Walther,
Science Advances 3, e1602589 (2017).

Gravitationally induced phase shift on a single photon
C. Hilweg, F. Massa, D. Martynov, N. Mavalvala, P.T. Chruściel, P. Walther,
New Journal of Physics 19, 033028 (2017).



Large-scale quantum technology based on luminescent centers in crystals
M. Trupke, C. Salter, S. Reisenbauer, R. Vasconcelos, G. Wachter, K. Buczak, A. Angerer, J. Schmiedmayer, F. Aumayr, U. Schmid, P. Walther, W. J. Munro, K. Nemoto,
2016 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) (2016).

On unitary reconstruction of linear optical networks
M. Tillmann, C. Schmidt, P. Walther,
Journal of Optics 18,  4002 (2016).

Quantum technology: from research to application
W. P. Schleich, K. S. Ranade, C. Anton, M. Arndt, M. Aspelmeyer, M. Bayer, G. Berg, T. Calarco, H. Fuchs, E. Giacobino, M. Grassl, P. Hänggi, W.M. Heckl, I.-V. Hertel, S. Huelga, F. Jelezko, B. Keimer, J.P. Kotthaus, G. Leuchs, N. Lütkenhaus, U. Maurer, T. Pfau, M.B. Plenio, E.M. Rasel, O. Renn, C. Silberhorn, J. Schiedmayer, D. Schmitt-Landsiedel, K. Schönhammer, A. Ustinov, P. Walther, H. Weinfurter, E. Welzl, R. Wiesendanger, S. Wolf, A. Zeilinger, P. Zoller,
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Modelling parametric down-conversion yielding spectrally pure photon pairs
F. Laudenbach, H. Hübel, M. Hentschel, P. Walther, A. Poppe,
Optics Express 24, 2712-2727 (2016).

Demonstration of measurement-only blind quantum computing
C. Greganti, M.-C. Roehsner, S. Barz, T. Morimae, P. Walther,
New Journal of Physics 18, 013020 (2016).



Generalized Multiphoton Quantum Interference
M. Tillmann, S.-H. Tan, S.E. Stoeckl, B.C. Sanders, H. de Guise, R. Heilmann, S. Nolte, A. Szameit, P. Walther,
Physical Review X 5, 041015 (2015).

Experimental Superposition of Orders of Quantum Gates
L.M. Procopio, A. Moqanaki, M. Araújo, F. Costa, I.A. Calafell, E.G. Dowd, D.R. Hamel, L.A. Rozema, C. Brukner, P. Walther,
Nature Communications 6, 7913 (2015).

Linear-optical generation of eigenstates of the two-site XY model
S. Barz, B. Dakic, Y.-O. Lipp, F. Verstraete, J.D. Whitfield, P. Walther,
Physical Review X 5, 021010 (2015).

Practical and efficient experimental characterization of multiqubit stabilizer states
C. Greganti, M.-C. Roehsner, S. Barz, M. Waegell, P. Walther,
Physical Review A 91, 022325 (2015).



Demonstrating elements of measurement-based quantum error correction
S. Barz, R. Vasconcelos, C. Greganti, M. Zwerger, W. Dür, H.J. Briegel, P. Walther,
Physical Review A 90, 042302 (2014).

A two-qubit photonic quantum processor and its application to solving systems of linear equations
S. Barz, I. Kassal, M. Ringbauer, Y.O. Lipp, B. Dakic, A. Aspuru-Guzik, P. Walther,
Scientific Reports 4, 6115 (2014).

Photonic toolbox for quantum simulation
X.S. Ma, B. Dakic, P. Walther,
Advances in Chemical Physics 154, 229-240 (2014).

Towards photonic quantum simulation of ground states of frustrated Heisenberg spin systems
X.S. Ma, B. Dakic, S. Kropatschek, W. Naylor, Y.-H. Chan, Z.-X. Gong, L.-M. Duan, A. Zeilinger, P. Walther,
Scientific Reports 4, 3583 (2014).

Preface: Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing (QCMC)
J. Schmiedmayer, P. Walther (eds.),
AIP Conference Proceedings Series 1633, 1-3 (2014).



Experimental verification of quantum computation
S. Barz, J.F. Fitzsimons, E. Kashefi, P. Walther,
Nature Physics 9, 727-731 (2013).

Experimental Boson Sampling
M. Tillmann, B. Dakic, R. Heilmann, S. Nolte, A. Szameit, P. Walther,
Nature Photonics 7, 540-544 (2013).

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