Our research combines the development of scalable photonic quantum technology for quantum computing and other quantum information applications with the investigation of fundamental quantum science questions. The main activities reach from quantum control of single photons using solid-state photon sources, integrated waveguide technology, tailored nonlinear media and detectors based on superconductor technology to interferometric precision measurements of weak gravitational forces.


 Latest News

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Our publication "Continuous‐Variable Quantum Key Distribution with Gaussian Modulation — The Theory of Practical Implementations" made it on the cover...


A new publication on Weakly gravitating isotropic waveguides on arXiv.

04.07.2018 11:00

Dima Farfurnik from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, gives a talk about "Pursuing many-body dynamics in spin ensembles in diamond".


Our publication on “Photonic quantum technology for quantum computing, data protection and fundamental quantum science” appeared in Open Access...


Our publication on “Continuous‐Variable Quantum Key Distribution with Gaussian Modulation — The Theory of Practical Implementations” appeared in...


On Wednesday, 13th June 2018, EU-Commissioner Mariya Gabriel visited the Quantum Group.

12.06.2018 17:00

Prof. Philip Walther gives an open lecture on quantum technologie for data security.


Our publication on “New methods for exploiting quantum information in photons” appeared in SciTech Europa.


Our Publication on Numerical Investigation of Photon-Pair Generation in Periodically Poled MTiOXO4 (M=K, Rb, Cs; X=P, As) was highlighted in Advances...

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