Talk by Dr. Hanna Le Jeannic, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel


Dr. Hanna Le Jeannic will give a talk on Tuesday, 13.02.2024 at 11.00, titled "Photon-photon interactions using single quantum emitters in nanophotonic waveguides"

  • When: 13.02.2024
  • Where: Ernst Mach lecture hall
                 2nd floor, Boltzmnaagasse 5
  • Speaker: Dr. Hanna Le Jeannic
                    CNRS Researcher, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel


Photons are excellent carriers of quantum information because they resist decoherence well. However, their inability to interact with each other presents a challenge when processing quantum information at the single photon level. To address this, researchers have explored methods of enhancing photon-photon interactions, such as utilizing atoms or nonlinear crystals. In this presentation, I will focus on coupling single quantum emitters to nanophotonic waveguides to enable efficient photon-photon interactions [1]. Specifically, we will discuss the integration of artificial atoms, self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots into photonic waveguides, which offers rich physics and the potential for giant nonlinearities, including single photon phase shifts [2], and consequent advanced photon-photon operations [3]. Additionally, I will share insights from my new research group on enhancing the coupling of new types of single solid-state quantum emitters to light using nanofibers, particularly at room temperature [4].


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[2] M. J. R. Staunstrup et al., arXiv:2305.06839 (2022)
[3] H. Le Jeannic, et al., Nature Physics 18 (10), 1191-1195 (2022).
[4] M. D’Amato et al., Nano Lett. , 23, 22, 10228–10235 (2023)

CNRS Researcher

Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Sorbonne University