Demonstration of a Quantum Switch in a Sagnac Configuration


The Walther Group published a new paper in Physical Review Letters


The quantum switch is an example of a process with an indefinite causal structure, and has attracted attention for its ability to outperform causally ordered computations within the quantum circuit model. To date, realizations of the quantum switch have made a trade-off between relying on optical interferometers susceptible to minute path length fluctuations and limitations on the range and fidelity of the implementable channels, thereby complicating their design, limiting their performance, and posing an obstacle to extending the quantum switch to multiple parties. In this Letter, we overcome these limitations by demonstrating an intrinsically stable quantum switch utilizing a common-path geometry facilitated by a novel reciprocal and universal SU(2) polarization gadget. We certify our design by successfully performing a channel discrimination task with near unity success probability.



Experimental Setup

Experimental setup

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