Our research combines the development of scalable photonic quantum technology for quantum computing and other quantum information applications with the investigation of fundamental quantum science questions. The main activities reach from quantum control of single photons using solid-state photon sources, integrated waveguide technology, tailored nonlinear media and detectors based on superconductor technology to interferometric precision measurements of weak gravitational forces.


 Latest News

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17.07.2017 11:00

Stefanie Barz from University of Stuttgart gives a talk on Distinguishability and many-particle interference.

05.07.2017 11:00

Martin Ringbauer from the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK, will give a talk on Generating Mechanical Interference Fringes by Counting Photons.


Philip Ball mentions Philip Walther's and Caslav Brukner's work in his Nature publication How quantum trickery can scramble cause and effect.

27.06.2017 12:30

Pedram Roushan fom Google Inc. & University of Santa Barbara, California, USA will give a talk on Spectral signatures of many-body localization of...


A new publication on Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution with Gaussian Modulation - The Theory of Practical Implementations on arXiv.

12.06.2017 11:00

Nicholas Harris from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA, will give a talk on Programmable nanophotonics for quantum simulation...

23.05.2017 11:00

David Arvidsson-Shukur from the Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, will give a talk on...

22.05.2017 16:00

Ryoichi Ishihara from QuTech - Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, will give a talk on Cryo-control circuit integration with Si spin qubit.


Our Experimental verification of an indefinite causal order was highlighted in Nature Physics.

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