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19.07.2017 11:00

Alexander Szameit from University of Rostock will give a talk on Optics in laser-written waveguide structures.

17.07.2017 11:00

Stefanie Barz from University of Stuttgart gives a talk on Distinguishability and many-particle interference.

05.07.2017 11:00

Martin Ringbauer from the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK, will give a talk on Generating Mechanical Interference Fringes by Counting Photons.


Philip Ball mentions Philip Walther's and Caslav Brukner's work in his Nature publication How quantum trickery can scramble cause and effect.

27.06.2017 12:30

Pedram Roushan fom Google Inc. & University of Santa Barbara, California, USA will give a talk on Spectral signatures of many-body localization of...


A new publication on Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution with Gaussian Modulation - The Theory of Practical Implementations on arXiv.

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