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Bob Peterson is starting as a new PostDoc. Welcome Bob!


New publication on "Macroscopic Superpositions as Quantum Ground States" appeared in Physical Review Letters.


Our Numerical Investigation of Photon-Pair Generation in Periodically Poled MTiOXO4 (M=K, Rb, Cs; X=P, As) appeared in Physical Review Applied.


Valeria Saggio was awarded the Poster Special Mention at The annual summer school on Quantum Information, Computing and Control (QuICC Summer School...

07.08.2017 11:00

Maxime Jacquet from University of St. Andrews gives a talk on Negative frequency at the horizon: scattering of light at a refractive index front.


Our paper on "A novel single-crystal & single-pass source for polarisation- and colour-entangled photon pairs" appeared in Scientific Reports.

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