Cluster state generation using solid-state single-photon sources

Micro-fabricated lens in diamond

Setup for optical detection

Mounted nitrogen-vacancy in diamond sample

Measurement-based one-way quantum computing introduced a new paradigm for quantum information processing whereby the unitary evolution required in the traditional circuit model is replaced by projective measurements on a highly entangled cluster. Cluster states are not only a universal resource for quantum computing but have also led to the development of schemes that tolerate significant photon loss- and error-rates.

We are using nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond as solid-state single-photon sources for the efficient generation of entangled strings of photons. We aim to realize scalable optical measurement-based quantum computing by having emitted a string of single photons that are entangled as a cluster state. For enhancing the collection efficiency of the emitted single photons we are designing and building integrated cavities that open up also possibilities for more complex networks.



Deterministic generation of a cluster state of entangled photons
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Science 354, 6311 (2016).

Proposal for Pulsed On-Demand Sources of Photonic Cluster State Strings
N.H. Lindner, T. Rudolph
Physical Review Letters 103, 113602 (2009).


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