Quantum computing research & Red Bull partnership

Quantum logic escape room

Early stage researchers from the Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology (VCQ) at the University of Vienna teamed up with experts from Red Bull Mind Gamers to create a highly competitive challenge for the global escape room tournament in Budapest 2017.

In national qualifier events more than 8.000 players tackled multi-player puzzle-challenges based on four skills: logic, creativity, visual thinking and strategy. The winning national teams were invited to test their skills in the world finals in Budapest. The finals’ real-life escape room was based on contributions by students from the research groups of Philip Walther, Markus Aspelmeyer and Caslav Brukner and designed on the astounding scientific puzzles of quantum logic.

How To Understand Quantum Logics – an interview with Philip Walther (VCQ, University of Vienna): 

Watch the escape room finals here

Escape room Championship Semi-Finals GoPro run

What happens when you lock a chess grandmaster, MIT scientist, Quantum professor and tech enthusiast in the ultimate escape room? Experts checking the Escape Room at the Red Bull Mind Gamers 2017 in Budapest:

The Quantum Challenge

In autumn 2017 people all over the world were invited to take on the first themed challenge of the Red Bull Mind Gamers hub to test and improve their mental skills and knowledge in an online puzzle game on quantum logic.

Starting with a photon game, Mind Gamers have the opportunity to rise to the challenge of solving tasks posed by quantum science and apply the key principles of interference and entanglement. The players can then test their knowledge through five tricky quantum questions.

The prize-winner will have the opportunity to collaborate with scientists from the Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology at the University of Vienna on quantum research and the development of new technologies. Their travel and stay in Vienna will be funded by Red Bull Mind Gamers.

Information on the quantum challenge of the Red Bull Mind Gamers can be found here.
You can also try it yourself here.

A Video featuring scientists of the VCQ, who helped create the quantum challenge, can be seen below:

Mike Augustine was the winner of the Quantum Challenge, you can read a short article here,
or watch the video about his experience in Vienna below:

The quantum computer fellowships

Research is by definition a collaborative endeavour. The creative minds and fresh approach of early stage researchers such as PhD students or postdoctoral researchers engaged in joint scientific projects drive the research tasks from the development of innovative ideas to new insights and the development of novel technologies. Red Bull supports the research of the next generation of scientists in the group of Philip Walther whose research focus lies on the development of scalable photonic quantum technology for quantum computing and other quantum information applications.

The Red Bull quantum researchers

Allard Guerin, Philippe - Prof. Caslav Brukner group

Castro Ruiz, Esteban - Prof. Caslav Brukner group

Jacquet, Maxime - Prof. Philip Walther group

Massa, Francesco - Prof. Philip Walther group

Moqanaki, Amir - Prof. Philip Walther group

Riedinger, Ralf - Prof. Markus Aspelmeyer group

Rubino, Giulia - Prof. Philip Walther group

Schmöle, Jonas - Prof. Markus Aspelmeyer group